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Admit it, beauty sells. Without a good ratio of women to men, the atmosphere of any event would quickly lose its sparkle. Vegas is known for its glitz and glamour not as a meat-fest. Let your nightclub experience evolve aesthetically by choosing our attractive ladies who carry confidence, sex appeal and eloquence, and not to mention, our Las Vegas party girls are more than delighted to keep you and las vegas bachelor party escort guests company, ensuring that each and every guest is completely enjoying themselves whether it's a private dinner, mix 'n mingle, pool party or club. We are single-handedly selling the idea of atmosphere modeling and expanding it by selecting Las Vegas models with not only looks but depth as well who carry ambitions and understands the essence of quick interaction and most importantly, how to get the party started!

A few may waste time courting with only a few hours left in the night after spending a sum of money, so why not appreciate the las vegas bachelor party escort free company of a beautiful female, especially one who is a fun conversationalist and convivial party-goer?

Allow us to set the tone of your event by providing you and your guests a memorable time in Las Vegas, the city of sin. Request an Atmosphere Models. I'm sure you've seen pictures of Playboy type models at a dance floor table from a nightclub in Vegas. Very similar to the song Rockstar by Nickelback, "every good gold digger is going to wind up there" has some truth.

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Don't be fooled to the fact that just because you have the money to afford a prime Las Vegas bottle service table, it doesn't mean that the pretty girls are just going to fall from the sky. In many scenarios, " those Playboy bunnies with their bleach blonde hair" are paid, Atmosphere Models. By definition, atmosphere means "the envelope of gases surrounding the earth or another planet. From the real definition above, the pretty girls are the "gases" that surround the table or "earth," a. The atmosphere model.

Don't let anybody fool you. These girls are not there because they want to be; they get paid to be there.

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Usually, there is a minimum amount of hours required to purchase an atmosphere model. A good rule of thumb is a 3-hour minimum time frame.

There's quite a big difference here, so don't make this mistake. An atmosphere model is a real model that works in the modeling industry. Typically, you'll find a lot of these girls on sites like model mayhem and at the conventions like the CES convention in Las Vegas. They do not typically sleep with guys for money, which is what an escort does.

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And if you try to solicit them, more than likely, they're going to be highly offended and potentially give you a black eye. So don't be that guy that mistakes a professional model for an escort. Just let us know that you're looking to get some atmosphere models for your table or your next corporate event. Usually how it works as I send over a dropbox folder of available girls and you pick the ones you want.

To finalize the booking, I send over a deposit invoice with the final payment due the day of the booking.

Las vegas party girls & atmosphere models

We use PayPal for our secure invoicing, and you can swipe any card. Once we establish the date, receive the deposit, and we received the final payment, we then connect you with the girls for your service bottle table or event. Our models are reliable, beautiful, and professional, so they add a lot of value to your table or event. All of our models have a lot of experience with conventions and las vegas bachelor party escort tables, so in terms of atmosphere models, they are the pros of Las Vegas. Well, as a guy, I'm a sucker for a pretty face and an attractive figure, so that is something you get with an atmosphere model.

Almost more important than looks is a girl's personality, and our models typically have very outgoing and appealing personalities.

They do well in large crowds, and in many cases at conventions, they can help sell your products. Having beautiful women around, especially if you're trying to sell your product to men, really adds an element of value. Bottle service tables, having model women around, also helps attract other women.

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Not to mention, if you typically aren't used to hanging out with models, that has as added value as well. Every once in a while, the models become part of the party and end up hanging out after they're allotment of time. Most of the time, these girls are only there because they're getting paid. Like a Genie, as soon as their time is up, they disappear. Occasionally some of the girls can be having a PMS type of day and can be less than desirable to be around.

Another element that I don't like is that if you're buying a table and paying for overpriced bottles, then why have to pay for models as well? Most of the clubs in Vegas are loaded with las vegas bachelor party escort of people and there are usually plenty of normal girls to go around. If you get bottle service with us, we do our best to bring some free talent to your table. We also work with the system to make sure that your table is up to par talent-wise.

Atmosphere models have a time and a place in Las Vegas. If you want some pretty faces at your table that might attract other beautiful girls, then atmosphere models might be right for you. Sometimes for bachelor parties, having some girls host a suite event, a party bus ride, or a bottle service table can be an excellent addition to a large group of men. For conventions, I see the value of atmosphere models, a pretty face, and a good conversation that can help sell a product. If you're interested in Las vegas bachelor party escort an atmosphere model for your next event, hit me up and we'll find the perfect girl or girls for you.

I'm super active and always on the go. I love adventure, traveling and food! I love to go out to eat and try new restaurants around Vegas or whatever I stumble upon. Meeting fun people is always a plus too! I love my freedom and doing different gigs as a model.

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Being in front of the camera is what makes me shine and one day I would like to be a TV host! I'd love to work in many different parts of the entertainment industry and love to be social.

I'm very driven, down to earth and motivated to leave my las vegas bachelor party escort on this world. I was born in the Philippines, raised in Virginia and Southern California and moved to Vegas when I was 20 to live my life independently and pursue many things that interest me since there are a lot of options here being a young adult. I like to dive into things that are fun, diverse and creative.

I love meeting new people and Las vegas bachelor party escort Vegas is perfect for that as it is a melting pot for different cultures or people who are from around the world and who carry different knowledge's. I find myself seeking new hobbies or trying new things, I can say I am ambitious and always curious. My goal is to be an entrepreneur and deer and I want to be financially independent so that I can travel when I please.

My hobbies are traveling, going out to eat and fashion. My ambitions are to become a celebrity makeup artist. I'm an open- minded, free-spirited kind of gal. My life's ambition is to make my mark on this world in an artistic way. Dance is an Art. I'm infatuated with the Art of Film-making and aspire to be a part of such great complex project the world calls Movies! Movies that inspire, create awareness, and spread knowledge about the human existence in a great many dimensions.

I have a hunger for projects with culture, exotic foods, and fruition of my life's ambitions. My focus is staying grounded and down to earth. Although I'm not fluent, I can count to in Spanish. On my spare time I like to do family time mainly sister bonding.

I also like bowling, playing pool or any outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing or running which are considered to be my hobbies. I'd like to travel to different cities within the states to see all of the historical events but mainly travel all over South America and Europe.

I'm bilingual; I speak, read and write fluent English and Spanish.

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I love to cook, shop any chance I get because I love fashion and during the spring and summer I love being outdoorsy! I am always looking for new adventures, it keeps life exciting. I feel you should always look at life with the eyes of. I am a free-spirit, down to earth and I love looking my best and genuinely meeting new people who like to share their interest and be genuine back.

My goal is to just thrive as a person; I believe you will always be finding yourself no matter how old you get so I live my life one day at a time — living freely and learning something new!