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Begin typing your search above and press return to search. Press Esc to cancel. A great personal website is one of the most effective tools you can use if you want to market yourself or your business. The best personal websites serve as a calling card, contact point, and representation personal site what you stand for. Not only have they made one, but they take the quality of it seriously regarding content and de.

Check personal site out, make note of what you like, and use it to make your own site fantastic! His approach is humanistic, while still providing everything one would need in making a decision to work with him.

The 35 best personal websites we've ever seen

This includes a breakdown of his services, testimonies, content examples, and a clear call to action for how to get in touch with him. Her bio does an excellent job of highlighting her accomplishments without going overboard. Learn more about what personal site into a great personal bio. His content is in-depth, well-organized, and incredibly informative.

He makes great use of call-to-actions to work with him without personal site overly promotional. She also uses the top really well to point new visitors in the right direction for whatever they might need. The de really shines here and makes this one of the best personal website examples that we encourage everyone to learn from. Riley does an excellent job of showcasing her incredibly gifted de skills, and her site is informative and extremely fun to read through.

The use of whitespace on this really works wonders.

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It drives the eye to the main column where the content is the focal point. Too often you see people take things too far and plaster banners all over their personal website in order to try and get people to buy their stuff. While you definitely need to promote yourself, use this as an example of how to do it without compromising the core purpose of the site.

In this case, Tim does a fantastic personal site making visitors aware of his work while still keeping the look and feel of a content-focused blog. This is a great example of personal site that simply looks great.

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Here, Reagan does a personal site job at structuring a great looking home that links out to her work, while keeping it plain, simple, and stylish. Even if you may not have the same extensive yet! The color is definitely a pattern interrupt personal site most of the other blogs you see as well and really makes him stand out.

Gemert shows off his skill of web development in a really nice interactive, website. Initially, any fans of Marvel specifically, Captain America are going to love this site. She also has a nice pop up that appears when you enter the site.

This is especially true when you take into consideration the fact that personal site site does a great job at engaging the viewer and getting them connected to the work of Larkin. We really like his incorporation of a mobile screenshot, something that shows off his love of being a father and his joy of life. As a master of promotion, Tim is someone you should look to when you want to learn how to get visitors to do what you want. With his personal website, he essentially uses it as a feed for his latest podcast content with some complimentary calls to action.

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He uses his main menu to direct visitors to his books, podcast, and shows. It also uses video baked right into the de, which provides an engaging experience as you scroll through.

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The site packs a personal site of info but it is still easy to navigate. The de is young, modern, and it easily links out to his social profiles on the home. He also gets right to business with a clever contact button on the home, leaving little room for frustration for those who are less technologically-inclined.

Links to resources in the footer

A stunning website that gets straight to the point. Finding an aesthetically pleasing eCommerce site can be quite difficult, but Mcnally strikes the perfect balance between de and demand.

This site is an excellent example of self-promotion that is authentic and real. The de should always reflect your own brand, and with all of these, you can see it being done well.

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Take personal site look at what makes you unique and look at your site as an opportunity to project that. The biggest mistake you can make here is try to create your personal website around what you think you should like, or only what works for other people. Use the examples above as inspiration and blend that with your natural preferences. If you do that, you will have a personal website that reflects who you are extremely well.

Whether you are looking to create a strict website or want to promote a book you just finished, you want to be personal site calls to action on your site. As you saw above, how aggressive you get with them is entirely up to you. Having a button or link in a prominent location like Seth Godin and another in the top menu is a tried and true strategy.

A good website is informative, inspiring, and nice to look at it. As long as you learn to implement some quality de protocols, the sky is really the limit with what you can do.

31 best personal websites in (and why they have them)

Sure, depending on your niche, some des will work better than others. This post was last updated on April 29th, at pm A great personal website is one of the most effective tools you can use if you want to market yourself or your business.

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